RACECAR/J Robot F1/Tenth

Regular price $4,450.00

Currently under development. Please contact us before ordering info@racecarj.com

The RACECAR/J F1/Tenth is part of the F1/Tenth Build Series. Find out more about F1/Tenth at F1Tenth.org.

RACECAR/J Robot F1/Tenth is fully assembled and includes:

  • Traxxas Rally R/C chassis
  • F1/Tenth Platform Deck
    • Material: Delrin, 4.9mm Thickness
  • Mechanical Hardware
  • Hokuyo UST-10LX Scanning Range Finder
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Developer Kit
  • VESC 6+ Electronic Speed Controler
  • Power Board for electronics and sensors
  • USB Hub
  • Controller

Please ask for delivery schedule. Tentatively late December, 2019